It's Time to Stop Emotional Eating and Gain Total Food Freedom 

 No more guilt. No more shame. No more food obsession.

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Work One-on-One with Me OR at Your Own Pace with LASER Coaching


Identify Your Emotional Eating Type and Triggers

  • Get clear on what type of emotional eater you are and what your triggers are  
  • Tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger 
  • Know why you get cravings and how to stop them 
  • Discover why the strategies you have used in the past have not worked for you


Create Customized Strategies

  • Learn the 4 key questions to ask yourself before you turn to food and eat 
  • Customize your strategies to match your emotional eating triggers 
  • Learn 3 powerful ways to meet your needs without food 
  • Be kind and compassionate with yourself as you open yourself up to being curious about your feelings 


Use Food As Your Ally

  • Learn to balance your brain chemicals and manage your mood with food
  • Regulate your blood sugar and dramatically reduce your food cravings
  • Learn how to get the right nutrients to manage your moods, emotions and cravings
  • Enjoy new and delicious recipes to satisfy your taste buds and desire for new and exciting foods

You'll also get.... Action Guides and Resources

Take what you learn and put it into action!

  • For each Module, you'll get everything you need to take what you learn and put it into action, including Action Guides, worksheets, PowerPoint slides, MP3 recordings and other resources 
  • Everything is housed in a convenient, easy to use platform 
  • You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the training

Contact Bonnie to Get Started

Private Coaching: One-on-One  

When working with me one-on-one, we meet weekly over 12 weeks (3 months). During these sessions, you'll identify your emotional eating triggers and learn how to process your emotions without turning to food. We will also customize strategies for each trigger and learn how to integrate the strategies you are learning into your daily life. 

Private Laser Coaching: Self-Paced  

When working through the program at your own pace, you will have access to me through 6 weekly private 15 minute laser coaching sessions via Zoom conferencing. The program modules will be dripped into your member area over 6 weeks, and you'll have lifetime access to the materials.  

Plus Get These Special BONUSES

BONUS #1: “Reprogram Your Brain" Bonus Package 

In this bonus package, you'll receive 3 BONUS TRAININGS that will teach you powerful techniques to rewire the neural pathways in your brain that were created by emotional eating.

Bonus #1: Practice, Not Reacting Technique 

This audio and supplemental PDF will help you train your brain to avoid reacting impulsively to emotional situations with food. Many eating behaviors are reactive responses, without thoughts, which is a form of mindlessness.

This training will help train your brain to build patience so you learn to not react impulsively to a craving.

Listen to the audio, download it to your smartphone and listen anytime, anywhere.

Bonus #2: The PTP-D Technique

This techinque will teach you how to pause long enough to engage in a Q and A dialogue with yourself to help you determine if your next action will best serve you or not. Alternate actions are provided for your assistance.

Bonus #3: 60 Second Forecast Technique

This rewiring technique will help you see beyond the present moment to change your course of action in 60 seconds.

BONUS #2: 8 Easy Stress-Busting Foods & Recipes

Discover the TOP STRESS BUSTING FOODS & enjoy EASY RECIPES to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to fight the negative effects of stress on your body, such as weight gain, elevated blood pressure, poor digestion, & nutrient deficiencies.  

Rave Reviews

“I know how to soothe myself when I am stressed, and I have even been able to break the habit of eating while watching TV.” 

“In my work with Bonnie, we explored all the situations that have led to my emotional eating and developed strategies to cope with them without food. The biggest one for me was to pause and think about what I was really feeling and what I really needed. I can now recognize boredom for what it is and find something to do that I enjoy, I know how to soothe myself when I am stressed, and I have even been able to break the habit of eating while watching TV. Celebrating with friends and family has become more about the people and less about the food. My new strategies have become my “habits” and I am enjoying them immensely.” ~JoAnne 

“I’ve had significant and meaningful changes in my everyday relationship with food.”” 

I derived great value from the Total Food Freedom Program. It provides a very clear framework to answer the question: Why am I doing what I am doing with food? This has led to significant and meaningful changes in my everyday relationship with food and above all with myself. Bonnie’s presence and constant coaching, encouragement and support during the program enabled me to push through some of my personal barriers to find a way of “moving on”. I can highly recommend this program for anyone who has issues with their relationship with food and eating. ~Gerda

“I'm no longer afraid of gaining weight and will never consider going on a diet again.”

Before working with Bonnie, I was a chronic dieter and a disordered eater since preschool. Within about a year of working with Bonnie, I have made great strides in my intuitive eating practice and am now off meds which I have needed for years to keep my serotonin levels up enough not to be clinically depressed. I'm feeling upbeat almost every day and being self-compassionate with myself. I'm no longer afraid of gaining weight and will never consider going on a diet again. I highly recommend working with Bonnie because she knows her stuff and loves her work. People who love what they do as much as Bonnie do the best work and love their clients like family. You will feel loved and supported with Bonnie at your side. ~Suzanna


1. The Total Food Freedom™ Training System (Value $2,000)

2. Private Coaching (Value $2,000)

3. BONUS 1: "Reprogram Your Brain" Bonus Package (Value $297)

4. BONUS 2: eBook - 8 Easy Stress-Busting Foods & Recipes (Value $27)

I stand behind this program with a 100% guarantee because I know when you implement the strategies you’ll learn, you’ll be on your way to success. The self-paced program has a performance-based guarantee, meaning all you have to do is listen to all the training videos, work through the action guides and attend the coaching calls. That’s it. After that, if within 14 days of your progam purchase, you honestly believe you aren't learning anything you could use to end emotional eating, e-mail me your completed action guides so I can see you did the work, and I’ll gladly refund your money in exchange for your feedback. That’s how much I believe this program will help you.

More Rave Reviews

“I now feel more positive and am able to deal with daily stressors”.

I was feeling really down about myself and how I felt around food. However, after working with Bonnie for 6 weeks in the Total Food Freedom Program, I feel so much more positive and able to deal with stresses that would previously have made me turn to food. Bonnie is a positive, practical and empathetic person that has really helped me, thanks Bonnie! ~Ruth

I am more in touch with my feelings now and with my hunger signals.”

Before working with Bonnie, I was down on myself, wondering if I could overcome overeating. Within a few weeks, I noticed that I was easier on myself and feeling stronger. I am more in touch with my feelings now and with my hunger signals. I highly recommend working with Bonnie as she is very understanding and supportive. ~Kay

“I feel a lot more secure in myself and my judgement/ decision making around food.”

Bonnie’s program, Total Food Freedom™, exceeded my expectations. I have just compared my pre and post assessments and the difference is amazing! I am making more quality time for myself when I can and am more conscious of eating nourishing foods. I feel a lot more secure in myself and my judgement/ decision making around food. The Q&A calls were amazing. It was very useful to hear that I'm not alone in feeling how I do and to gain others insight too. The modules and action guides were thorough and very useful. The private Facebook group is such a valuable part of the program. The interaction with others and feedback from them has been great. Thank you Bonnie for providing a high quality program and supporting me throughout. ~ D.J.

“I finally have hope that I am on the right track to ending my emotional eating.” 

Bonnie, thank you for our call today. I feel so uplifted and finally have hope that I am on the right track to ending my emotional eating. It’s amazing how you were able to help me identify my biggest trigger for turning to food when I am not hungry, which I didn’t even realize until our call. You inspire me. I appreciate you so much, thank you! ~Betty 

“Bonnie has helped me on so many levels, helping me to be in charge of my eating.” 

Before working with Bonnie, I was a very unhappy person. I was trying to work through a fair amount of personal issues. Simultaneously, I had no handle of what I was shoving into my mouth. Within 3 weeks of working with Bonnie, I was beginning to understand some of the “whys” I was eating so poorly. We spoke of so many aspects of my life, such as emotions and self-esteem and Bonnie was always able to tie it into my eating habits. Bonnie has reached me on so many levels, helping me to be in charge of my eating. ~Barbara 

“I learned new ways to channel my emotions and developed strategies to handle them instead of eating.”

Before Total Food Freedom™, I’d come home from work and eat away my stress in Oreos. It didn’t feel good, but that’s how I dealt with my emotions. Chocolate, cake, and cookies were my “go-tos” when I was feeling tired and stressed. During the Total Food Freedom™ program, I learned new ways to channel my emotions and developed strategies to handle them instead of eating. I am forever grateful to Bonnie and this program. I am more in-tune with my body than I ever was! If you care about yourself, sign up for this program. You won’t regret it! ~Marissa

Frequently Asked Questions:

“How do I know this program will work for me? I’ve tried so many programs before and nothing has worked.”

I totally understand your concern. But stop and think about those programs you tried, and what your mindset was when you started. Was it to lose weight? If it was, then your focus was all wrong. 

Ending emotional eating isn’t about following a weight loss program; it’s a program to help you understand why you eat, when, and what you eat when you're not physically hungry. In other words, what is your emotional hunger really a symbol of, and what needs in your life are being unmet that you're trying to meet with food. If you don’t figure these things out, which I am teaching you in this program, you won’t be able to end emotional eating and won’t ultimately live your life to the fullest.

“I love food. Does this program tell me that I need to turn away from food like all the other programs out there?”

No, not at all. Restriction never works. Instead, we embrace food and learn how food can help manage your emotions and cravings. Like my client Nelly says: “The idea of embracing food to help with my journey to end emotional eating was a life changer for me. Bonnie’s Total Food Freedom™ Program helped me understand the process, helped me understand how I can biochemically shift things using food, not just to feel better or to escape, but using food to actually give me the energy and vitality and the things in life that I really want.”

What is the schedule of the program?  

Self-Paced Program: The modules will be released every two weeks. Each module has 3 training topics and videos. You can work through them at your own pace. You have private 15 minute laser coaching each week should you need it. During these laser coaching sessions, you'll come to the call with a particular challenge or question and we will laser in on it to find a solution. You will walk away from the session with action steps to continue moving forwared. It is your responsibility to reach out to me to schedule a laser coaching session. You cannot save the sessions from one week to the next. 

One-on-One Program: When you work with me one-on-one, I will walk you hand in hand through the steps of the program. We will meet each week in office or via Zoom conferencing for a 60 minute coaching session. 

How much time do I need to devote to the program? 

The program is designed for you to complete the modules at your own pace. No pressure. You will have at least 2 weeks to complete each module so you can schedule your time at your convenience. You will also have lifetime access to the trainings, and all updates, so you can feel at ease. There is no rush.